About Us

Abalone Council Australia Ltd

The Abalone Council Australia Ltd (ACA) is a peak industry body representing the wild-harvest abalone Industry from the five producing states of Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales. Collectively these state-managed fisheries will produce 4500 tonnes of wild harvest product this year, valued at approximately $180 million at the beach.

One of the primary functions of the ACA is to oversee and manage national Research and Development investment in abalone related research. As such, it has developed a 10 year Strategic Plan that focuses on encouraging investment in the following areas;

1. Product Development and Market Management
2. Harvest Optimisation
3. Resource and Environmental Sustainability
4. Human Capacity Development
5. Socio–economic Sustainability

The ACA has partnered with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (Seafood CRC) to ensure that investment in abalone related R&D supports and underpins the developmental needs of the Australian Wild Harvest Abalone industry.

The ACA is a member of the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre and is currently managing $3.8 million of abalone related R&D.

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