The Abalone Council Australia is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.  The ACA’s objects relate directly to representing the collective interests of the abalone Industry in all five wild-harvest states (i.e. NSW, SA, TAS, VIC, WA) on national issues relevant to the Industry.  Further information about abalone production in each state can be found here.

The ACA board includes 10 Directors, all with extensive experience and contacts in the abalone Industry, who are also the only Members of the company.  Two nominations are put forward by each state’s peak Abalone Industry representative body for appointment to the ACA.  Meetings of the Council are held about quartely, and two observers from the Abalone Association of Australasia, representing abalone receivers, processors and exporters, are also invited as observers.

Strategic Plan
The ACA completed a 10 year Strategic Plan in 2007 to provide guidance on its operation, and which is under ongoing review.

Corporate Governance
The ACA has a Governance Statement designed to ensure the ACA creates value for and on behalf of the Australian wild catch abalone industry and provides accountability and control systems commensurate with the risks involved.